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Poligono Argixao, Pabs.47-49-50

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Sr. Jose Luis Romero
(0034) 943 72 56 49
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Actividad productiva
Talleres Mecánicos Telleria S.A. manages projects related to the machining world. The company covers several sectors such as automotive, industrial equipment, energy, machinery, petrochemical, shipbuilding, valve sector, railway, building and so on.
• Machining of short series: Machining of individual or short series of pieces under drawing and specifications.
• Machining of large series: Serial machining of: shafts, spindles, axles, hubs, bushings and so on, especially for automotive sectors.
• Hydropower: Manufacture of turbine components for hydropower projects according to the designs provided by our customers (Pelton runners, Francis runners, Hubs and Kaplan blades, Wicket Gates and related elements).
For all these sectors, TMTelleria has the capacity to deal with projects meeting the standards of quality of our customers, from raw material purchasing, manufacturing, welding, NDT, etc, to the final delivery of goods. TMTelleria has resources for:
• Purchasing of raw material (forge, cast, rolled material, etc.)
• Process engineering (design, CAD-CAM solutions, machining means, specific tools…)
• Geometrical and dimensional control of pieces
• Welding: Qualified welders and welding procedures
• Non-Destructive Tests: qualified personnel for visual, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing.
Furthermore, the company is located in a highly diversified industrial area where complementary processes to the machining are easily found. Therefore, we can offer our customers:
• Superficial protection coatings
• Heat treatments
• Static and dynamic balancing
• Sandblasting and painting of pieces
• Packaging
• National and international transports
Maquinaria principal
The technical department of the company is equipped with the most advanced CAD-CAM software (up to 5 axis) for the handling and programming of complex shapes and profiles to ensure the optimum performance of the design and the machining accuracy.
Machining capacities:
- Milling: up to X8000, Y4000, Z1600
- Turning:
- Vertical Lathes: up to D.3200 x 1600
- Horizontal Lathes: up to D.1250 x 5700
- 1 Vertical lathe SEDIN CNC SIEMENS (Ø3200 x 1600)
- 1 Vertical lathe BOST CNC FANUC (Ø2000 x 2000)
- 1 Horizontal lathe TOS CNC FAGOR 8050 (Ø1250 x 5700)
- 7 Horizontal lathes EUROSPRINT 80 CNC FAGOR 8050 (Ø500 x 1500)
- 1 Horizontal lathe HYUNDAI HIT-30 CNC SIEMENS (Ø300 x 1000)
- 2 Lathes LEALDE CNC FAGOR 8050 (Ø450 x 520) with ROBOT FANUC N-16
Milling-boring machines:
- 1 Milling-boring machine JUARISTI MX5, CNC HEIDENHAIN (X 9000 x Y 4000 x Z 1600)
- 1 Milling-boring machine BHOLE CNC NUM (X 4000 x Y 2000 x Z 1500)
- 1 Milling-boring machine JUARISTI TX3 CNC HEIDENHAIN (X 4000 x Y 2000 x Z 1500)
- 1 Milling-boring machine JUARISTI TX1 S CNC HEIDENHAIN (X 3000 x Y 2000 x Z 1500)
- 1 Milling-boring machine JUARISTI TS1 CNC HEIDENHAIN (X 3000 x Y 2000 x Z 1500)
- 2 Boring machines CME CNC HEIDENHAIN (X 3000 x Y 1000 x Z 1000)
- 1 Boring machine KONDIA CNC NUM (X 800 x Y 400 x Z 400)
Medios de manutención
Industrial plants (3,500 m²). Several bridge cranes with a maximum capacity of 20 TM. 2500 Kg Electrical fork-lifts.
Medios de control
Inside and outside measuring instruments with a capacity of 4 m. Set of internal and external micrometers with thousandth resolution up to 1 m. 1 Mitutoyo profilometer. Mitutoyo Linear Height for 2D measurement and vertical measurement with high-accuracy (0.0005 mm.)-600 mm. Verification and calibration gage comparators. Laser Tracker Leica. Faro Arm
Certificados y homologaciones
ISO 9001
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